5 Tips and Tricks for Downloading Online Videos

The technological evolution within the cyberspace has grown tremendously in the recent past people can now watch and download videos online either for entertainment or educative purposes. Some of the most popular video sites include YouTube, mega video, daily motion, Vimeo, and Metacafe, to mention a few. However, sometimes streaming online can be interrupted for various reasons. As such, you can download the videos and watch them without interruptions. Therefore, we have shortlisted 5 tips and tricks for downloading online videos.

1. Use Internet Download Manager (IDM)

INTERNET Download Manager is a user-friendly add on that is powerful when it comes to downloading online videos. It allows you to download videos nearly in all formats. Besides, IDM is compatible with most of the online website that plays videos. You first need to download the plugin and enable it in your browser. When watching a video online, an IDM button will display on your browser. You can click this button and get your video downloaded as fast as possible.

2. Add a plug into your browser

Some plugins are specially designed to download videos from the internet. Majority of these plugins are designed to capture embedded online video source. Some of the most common video plugins to use include video download helper. This is a free add on that automatically detects streaming video. It then displays its icon on the top right of the browser. Once you click the icon, the name of the embedded video will show. Therefore, you need to click on the download button and have your video downloaded.

3. Save from net

Save from the net is an online tool that facilitates easy downloads of videos online. It is a browser extension which helps to detect embedded videos from various sites. To use this tool effectively, you need to install it in your browser. Once this is done, you need to play video online, and the save from net icon will appear on the browser screen. Click on the extension button, and it will display the full videos links in a variety of video formats.

4. Download uTorrent Software

uTorrent is arguably one of the best software for downloading online videos in whichever format. Besides, it is recommended for both the light file and heavy file videos alike. But first, you will need to install the software into your PC. The software is usually downloaded free from their uTorrent web. Once it’s installed, you need to find a reliable torrent website such as pirate bay, torrent sites. Open the torrent sites and search videos you would like to download. To download the torrent video, click get this torrent. It will download automatically.

5. Deturl.com

Deturl is an online website which helps in faster conversion and download of videos. The downloader site is usually straightforward and user-friendly. You need to copy the URL of videos page address and past it on the website (www.deturl.com). Then, you can choose the video format which you want to download.  

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